Flexible administrative assistants to meet your needs

Our Multilingual Online Assistants Help You Get Your Work Done Easier and Faster

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More time to focus on important work and your personal life

Stop juggling lots of boring tasks so you can focus on what is most important.

Skilled assistants without the recruitment hassle

Our multilingual well-educated assistants can start immediately without the overhead of a hiring process

Flexible to your needs

You can decide hours and focus based on your requirements.

Get more for less

Our service is cost-effective, requiring just a simple monthly payment.

Our Services

Administrative Support

We provide a wide range of services from secretarial work, general affairs, sales support, and customer support.

Contract review support

Our expert and experienced attorneys can handle your company's legal affairs on your behalf.

HR Support

We can help streamline your company's operations by having professionals handle time-consuming and labor-intensive recruiting tasks.

3 features of Flex Admin

A team of university educated assistants, attorneys and recruitment professionals with English, Cantonese, and Japanese language skills to assist you in your work. As part of our initial consultation we will meet with you to completely understand your needs and then propose a suitable plan.

Whether you are having difficulty finding qualified personnel, are short-staffed for a short period of time, or are looking to cut costs, we have a plan that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Focus on your core business and improve efficiency

When you have too many miscellaneous tasks, leave the time-consuming tasks such as invoicing, expense processing, and data entry to us. We can help you focus on your core business and streamline your operations.

Excellent human resources at a low cost

When you want to hire staff but the cost is too high, we can help you expand your business by reducing the costs associated with hiring and training staff. We can handle specialized tasks that cannot be filled in-house.

Immediate support is available without waiting for new hires

When you need help right away, we can start work in as little as a few days. There is no need to wait to hire new staff or go through a lengthy hiring process. We provide support when you need it and as much as you need it.